TERAIS (Towards Excellent Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at a Slovak university) is an international effort aimed at establishing the Department of Applied Informatics (DAI) of Comenius University Bratislava, Slovakia (UKBA) as a workplace of international academic excellence. Funded by the Horizon Europe programme under the Twinning call, the project brings together experts from the University of Hamburg in Germany and the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa to collaborate with scientists at UKBA.

Funded by the European Union
The project has four key pillars, the development of people, international networking, research excellence, and research support. With a focus on cognitive robotics and artificial neural networks, the joint research efforts aim to contribute to the development of trustworthy and human-friendly robots. The project will also focus on enhancing the human capital development and research support structures at UKBA and building long-term international research partnerships.

Research excellence

TERAIS project aims to take the research and innovation at UKBA to an international level by sharing knowledge and best practices with distinguished academic partners. The goal of the project is also to raise awareness about the role of robotics and AI in a modern IT-based society and increase the reputation and profile of the Department of Applied Informatics at UKBA. The purpose of the project is not only to mitigate the gap between the coordinating and the partner institutions, but also to enable the partners to enhance their networking opportunities and contribute to the excellent research outcomes of all partners.

International networking

International cooperation is at the heart of TERAIS, with a focus on establishing long-term and sustainable international research partnerships. The project will also connect UKBA with other key players in the local IT and AI ecosystem, such as IT companies and technology start-ups. Dissemination and communication will be fostered through staff and student exchanges, joint events, and joint funding proposals.

Development of people

The TERAIS project will examine the current conditions and needs of scientists at UKBA and develop a plan to make human capital development more systematic and lifelong. The support regarding human capital development will focus on the development and implementation of the strategy for a life-long career development at multiple levels. International staff and student exchanges will also play an indispensable role in this process.

Research support

The research support pillar shows the aim to ensure top-quality outcomes, especially when it comes to collaboration with other institutions or the business community. The Department will establish its research support units that go beyond basic administrative tasks to ensure sustainable functioning. It would be also supported via establishment of project management and administrative support systems at the Department and the Faculty in order to assist researchers at all levels to engage in new research projects and activities.

In conclusion, TERAIS is a highly ambitious project aimed at establishing UKBA as a hub of excellence in the field of robotics and AI. Through research support, knowledge-sharing, and international networking, the project will help advance the field and contribute to the development of cutting-edge technologies that can have a positive impact on society.

The TERAIS project received funding from the HORIZON Europe programme under the Grant Agreement number 101079338.