Explainability and Robot Learning Seminar

Photo: UHH/Knowledge Technology

16 May 2023 14:00 — 17:45
Department of Informatics, University of Hamburg (Building F, Room: F-132)
Vogt-Kölln-Straße 30<br>22527 Hamburg, Germany

The Knowledge Technology group at the University of Hamburg is holding the seminar “Explainability and Robot Learning”, promoted by the Horizon Europe project TERAIS. The seminar will bring together several international senior academics as well as younger researchers. During the seminar, multiple topics related to machine learning methods, robotic learning, and computer vision will be presented and discussed. The main audience of the seminar will be the project and scientific staff of the three partner institutes as well as M.Sc. and Ph.D. students. The seminar will take place in presence, with a hybrid mode for wider communication and dissemination.


14:00Introduction / OverviewProf. Dr. Stefan WermterUHAM
14:15The Sensory-motor Bases of InteractionDr. Alessandra SciuttiIIT
14:45Bio-plausible Learning in ANNDr. Kristína MalinovskáUKBA
15:15Integrating AI Methods for Robot’s One-shot LearningDr. Andrej LúčnyUKBA
15:45Evolutionary View on Robot LearningDr. Pavel PetrovičUKBA
16:45Explainability and Interpretability of Deep Neural NetworksŠtefan PócošUKBA
17:00Adversarial Examples in Deep LearningIveta BečkováUKBA
17:153D Object DetectionDr. Viktor KocurUKBA
17:30Depth Map Super-Resolution for Robotic VisionLukáš GajdošechUKBA
17:45Workshop end

See also the seminar page at the University of Hamburg website.