The Role of Embodiment In Self-Aware Humans and Robots – Workshop

Image: IIT

22 May 2023 17:00 — 20:00
TSC 2023 – Palazzo dei congressi, Taormina (ME), Italy


Given the deep and complex nature of consciousness and, in general, what is related to self-awareness, the endeavor to simplify and implement such phenomena on artificial agents may likely result in severe reductionism. Nevertheless, too high is their relevance for artificial embodied systems. Autonomous control and behaviors, fluent and effective interaction with the environment, as well as meaningful and trustworthy relations with humans, require robots to have a sense of self. Hence, the impasse calls for interdisciplinary research and respectfully comprehending other perspectives. This workshop wants to gather different approaches – from neurosciences, robotics, and philosophy – concentrating attention on the role of the body in self-awareness. The body is the core of identity, personal history, and interaction with the external world. Also, albeit different in its nature, it makes robots more comparable to humans. At the intersection of different disciplines, this workshop aims to emphasize the importance of the topic, show recent developments, and promote further collaborative research.


See the workshop page at the Italian Institute of Technology website, for talk abstracts, speaker’s bios, and a form for contributing to the Roundtable.

17:00Workshop OpeningG. Sandini – Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, RBCS (IT)
17:10Idem and Ipse identity in robotsS. Gallagher – University of Memphis (USA), University of Wollongong (AU)
17:40Development of self-awareness in humans and robotsM. Asada – International Professional University of Technology in Osaka; SISReC, Osaka University
18:10Coffee Break
18:20Self-Aware Robots: A constructivist ApproachR. Chatila – ISIR, Sorbonne University (FR)
18:50Consciousness in the absence of behavior: a neurophysiological accountS. Sarasso – University of Milan (IT)
19:20Roundtable*Carlo Mazzola (Chair), M. Asada, R. Chatila, S. Gallagher, G. Sandini, S. Sarasso
20:00Workshop end

* See also the workshop page at the Italian Institute of Technology website, where you can send your contributions to the discussion.