Staff exchange under the TERAIS project

TERAIS project is built upon the collaboration between three partners. Visiting other partners’ labs is one of the best ways to foster networking and, as a consequence, research. With this aim, three researchers from the Italian Institute of Technology – Matilde, Lorenzo, and Carlo - visited the new Nico lab at Comenius University for one month, between October and November.

“One notable aspect of our collaboration,” they say, “was the knowledge exchange with researchers at Comenius University. The sharing of insights, methodologies, and approaches enhanced the depth and breadth of our research”.

The scope of this visit was manifold. It aimed to finalize the Nico Lab set up for Human-Robot Interaction experiments and promote three different research lines, including a multi-center study.

Such a concrete way to join forces allows progress and lays the groundwork for potential future projects. The connections formed during middle or long-term visits indicate the collaborative spirit underpinning successful research endeavours. This is the reason why, as a TERAIS project, we strongly support the mobility of our researchers!