Clarifying the Half Full or Half Empty Question: Multimodal Container Classification


Multimodal integration is a key component of allowing robots to perceive the world. Multimodality comes with multiple challenges that have to be considered, such as how to integrate and fuse the data. In this paper, we compare different possibilities of fusing visual, tactile and proprioceptive data. The data is directly recorded on the NICOL robot in an experimental setup in which the robot has to classify containers and their content. Due to the different nature of the containers, the use of the modalities can wildly differ between the classes. We demonstrate the superiority of multimodal solutions in this use case and evaluate three fusion strategies that integrate the data at different time steps. We find that the accuracy of the best fusion strategy is 15% higher than the best strategy using only one singular sense.

International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks 2023
Stefan Wermter
Stefan Wermter
Networking Lead Expert